Convenience store lighting

3 reasons your convenience store needs remote lighting

Picture this: You’re on the road late at night, and you’re on the lookout for a convenience store. Fortunately, you come across two options: One store is well-lit, and the other has just one, flickering exterior light on the door. Which store do you choose to stop? 

That’s a no brainer. The well-lit convenience store is clearly the better choice. 

As you can see, proper illumination is one of the most important aspects of keeping a convenience store attractive and safe. Let’s take a look into the three reasons why convenience stores need remote lighting

3 reasons convenience stores need remote lighting

1. Increase customer safety and security 

Properly-illuminated conveniences stores not only appear safer to potential customers, but they also ward of trouble makers.

In fact, a recent study by Urban Labs reported that “developments that received new lights experienced crime rates that were significantly lower than would have been the case without the new lights.” Plus, the study concluded that increased levels of lighting led to a 36 percent reduction in index crimes (murder, robbery, and aggravated assault) and property crimes, like vandalism and break-ins. 

Make the exterior of your convenience store a place where customers – not criminals – feel safe by using a remote lighting solution. 

2. Decrease energy expenses

Keeping your lights on throughout the night to keep your customers safe can get expensive. Fortunately, the lighting solution provided by AccessLink enables you to save on utility costs by reducing unnecessary burn time and turning off unnecessary lights. With the AccessLink App, you can monitor and control your lights from anywhere. 

3. Increase pump operating hours

Lastly, with a remote lighting solution, you can bring in business at 24-hour pumps even if the store is closed. Your customers can get gas when they need it, and you can make money overnight. It’s a win-win solution! With AccessLink, you can have up to four zones to control your store’s lighting and set each group of exterior lights to a timed schedule.

AccessLink offers a convenience store lighting solution

Take control of your convenience store lighting with AccessLink powered by OutdoorLink. AccessLink not only equips you to ensure your exterior and interior areas are adequately illuminated but also notifies you when a power or illumination outage occurs. Multiple-zone scheduling reduces energy costs by customizing which groups of lights come on or off.  Plus, AccessLink gives you the ability to manage multiple properties from one device.

If you want customers to stop at your store rather than a competitor’s, having a remote lighting solution is an effective solutions for you. 

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