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5 ways for your business to go green

Consumers around the world are embracing sustainability and seeking to purchase products and services from companies that care about the environment. According to a Nielsen survey, 69 percent of Americans said that it is extremely or very important that companies implement programs to improve the environment. Likewise, 87 percent of consumers have a more positive image of a company that supports social or environmental issues.

How is your business impacting the environment? Are you incorporating eco-friendly practices?  “Greening” your business not only benefits the environment, but it also reflects well to existing and potential customers while helping your bottom line. 

Here are 5 ways to go green and minimize your business’s environmental impact:

Go paperless

Paper accounts for a significant percentage of landfill waste. The average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper per year, which contributes to the estimated 70 percent of total paper waste in offices. Yikes!

Luckily, today’s technology has equipped us with the tools to transform overflowing file cabinets and paper stacks into organized digital formats. Going paperless is an environmentally-conscious decision that prevents the emission of tons of greenhouse gases. This is actually not as difficult as you might imagine. Implementing this department by department is a good way to get started.

Reduce waste and recycle

Paper isn’t the only thing being wasted in offices. According to the EPA, the average person creates 4.40 pounds of waste each day. While this seems obvious, many businesses do not consider ways to reduce waste and recycle. Here are a few eco-friendly practices to implement in your office: 

  • Place recycling bins next to trash bins
  • Encourage employees to use refillable water bottles
  • Get rid of those plastic straws by purchasing stainless steel drinking straws for your office or supply natural, biodegradable straws. 
  • Use bulk containers for condiments rather than single-use throwaway servings
  • Compost kitchen waste and have it picked up by municipal recycling or local growers
  • Convert to warm-air hand dryers in kitchens and washrooms

Let employees telecommute

Telecommuting reduces negative impacts on the environment and creates a more sustainable way to work. Flexjobs emphasized that people who work from home in the United States avoid emitting 3.6 million tons of commuting-related greenhouse gasses annually. 

Many companies are taking advantage of the telecommuting trend. According to The Washington Post, the fastest-growing commute is no commute at all. In fact, telework has overtaken public transit as the third-most-popular commuting method in the country. 

One way to tiptoe your company into this practice is allowing all employees to choose two days a month they can work remotely, gauge the impact on your organization, and gradually increase the remote workdays as appropriate.

Procure green goods

Practicing green procurement involves sourcing goods and services that are sustainably produced and supplied. Take a look at your company’s procurement policies. If possible, make sure the goods you procure: 

  • Are manufactured in a sustainable fashion
  • Do not contain toxic materials or ozone-depleting substances
  • Can be recycled and/or are produced from recycled materials
  • Are made from renewable materials (such as bamboo, etc.)
  • Do not make use of excessive packaging
  • Are designed to be repairable and not “throwaway”

Save on energy expenses with automation

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