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5 ways for your business to go green

Consumers around the world are embracing sustainability and seeking to purchase products and services from companies that care about the environment. According to a Nielsen survey, 69 percent of Americans said that it is extremely or very important that companies implement programs to improve the environment. Likewise, 87 percent of consumers have a more positive […]

Manage Your Car Dealership in a Whole New Light

Regulating expenses is a priority for most businesses. For car dealerships, lighting can be a burdensome energy expense, but it is necessary for security, safety and merchandise display.  Car dealerships need a lot of light to function effectively. Unlike most retail stores or shopping malls, car dealerships store and showcase the majority of their valuable […]

From Remote Lighting Controllers to Community Gardens: Learn How to Improve Your Local Park

Community parks serve everyone regardless of their age, gender, race, or beliefs. They’re an integral part of a community and can even turn a broken neighborhood around. When Parks and Recreation departments improve local parks, they enhance the community as a whole. Parks that are safe and accessible to all residents bring the community together. […]

Can Automation Really Save Your Business Money?

When you hear the word “automation,” what comes to mind? For many people, it’s a picture of robots working in a factory. However, modern automation has the potential to revolutionize businesses in ways that have nothing to do with robots. Automation can reduce the time that you and all of your employees spend on routine, […]

Restaurant EMS Systems: Is There a Better Way to Control Exterior Lighting?

Compared to other businesses, building and maintaining a successful restaurant is notoriously difficult. Restaurant owners have a lot of moving pieces to manage and not a penny to waste. Restaurant EMS systems have revolutionized restaurant management. Why? Because they have the potential to cut energy costs considerably. While your restaurant’s EMS has robust functionality to […]

How Colleges and Universities Are Making Their Campuses Safer

College-bound youth, along with their parents, evaluate academic programs, sports teams, and the general feel of the campus before selecting a school. One additional factor that weighs heavily on the minds of parents is campus safety. Colleges and universities that really want to attract the best and brightest prioritize campus safety initiatives. Campus Safety There […]

Daylight Savings Time, Time Drift & You…

Were you dreading March 10th, 2019, also known as the beginning of “Daylight Savings Time”?  Do you also, deep down, dread the fact that in 30 days, you’ll have to adjust these timers AGAIN by roughly 1 hour per day due to time drift?  Time Drift naturally occurs once you pass either the Summer or […]