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Can Automation Really Save Your Business Money?

When you hear the word “automation,” what comes to mind? For many people, it’s a picture of robots working in a factory. However, modern automation has the potential to revolutionize businesses in ways that have nothing to do with robots.

Automation can reduce the time that you and all of your employees spend on routine, repetitive tasks. Eventually, that can add up to significant time and money savings. In this article, you’ll see why automation is essential to your business.

What is Automation?

Automation means using technology to complete repetitive, easy tasks instead of using human labor. It can completely take the place of a human, or it can enhance the jobs that workers do.

Marketing emails are a great example of how automation can enhance the work that people do by eliminating repetitive, time-consuming tasks. When someone signs up for ABC Co.’s mailing list, they receive a welcome email. If a company automates that process, then an employee only has to work on the welcome email once. After creating the text for the email, the ABC Co. employee can automate the rest of the process. Imagine how much time the employee would waste if he had to manually send an email each time that someone new signed up for the email list.

Automation makes tasks more efficient, which boosts productivity and lets you and your employees focus on other work. When you’re free from rote work, you can better utilize your creativity and problem-solving abilities to improve your customer service or product.

How Can Automation Save Money?

There are several tangible ways that the right types of automation can reduce your costs.


According to WorkMarket’s 2020 In(Sight) Report, 53% of employees report that they could save up to 2 hours each day through automation. That’s 240 hours each year. Imagine the impact that automation could have on your company if just a fraction of that time savings were true for your employees.


How will you use your employee’s time savings? You could spend that extra time on professional enrichment so that your employees can do their duties more efficiently and effectively. Investing in your employee’s professional growth makes them feel valued, which increases job satisfaction and productivity.

BONUS: Happy employees do better work. Better work means a stronger business, and that’s always good for your bottom line.

Energy Savings

You know that turning a light off saves energy. What if you could automate your exterior lighting on a grand scale? Remote lighting controllers offer businesses of all kinds a way to save money on their monthly energy bills.

Many businesses use exterior lights with photocells because the upfront cost is low. The photocell is the portion of the exterior light that detects whether the sun is shining. When it gets dark, the photocell signals the light to turn on.

The main issue with photocells is that they have a short life, usually around one year. When a photocell malfunctions, it leaves the light on until the company has it repaired. For large properties, the wasted energy can be astronomical.

When you choose AccessLink™ powered by OutdoorLink, you don’t have to worry about your lights being on when the sun is shining. Each light is equipped with an individual GPS so that it turns off and on precisely when the sun rises and sets each day.

GPS positioning also eliminates drift, which is the gradual change in day length throughout the year. You won’t have to remember to periodically reset the on and off time because it is automated. The precision of a remote lighting controller will save your business money each month.

AccessLink powered by OutdoorLink will alert you to any malfunctions with your lights so that you know which light needs attention. Instead of wasting money on maintenance crews checking lights periodically, you can send maintenance to a specific light only when it needs service.

Bonus Benefit

Automating your exterior lighting keeps your employees and customers safe. You won’t have to worry about people walking through a dark parking lot as they travel to and from your business.

It’s Time to Automate

Automation is more affordable for businesses than it ever has been before. With so many ways to save your business time and money, what are you waiting for? Contact OutdoorLink today to learn how a remote lighting controller can give you more time to spend on the things that really matter to you.

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