Tired of unpredictable photocells & timers controlling your Exterior Lights? – Is there a better way?

Picture this:

  • Your campus’s exterior lighting timer or photocell fail outside throughout your Campus. Your students are now walking unsafely in the dark until the problem can be addressed. It’s 1 am. When will it be addressed?
  •  Your restaurant parking lot lights go out suddenly with no warning, and a restaurant patron trips and falls on their way out of the restaurant and injures themselves. Who’s at fault?
  • The ballpark you manage had late night games and the last person to use the field left the lights on. You didn’t know of this until, the angry phone calls start coming in during the night and early in the morning from the neighbors in the neighborhood near the ballpark.
  • The properties you manage all have timers. It’s daylight savings time, eve – again. How long will it take your maintenance crew or your sub-contracted electrician to reset ALL of these timers and at what cost to you? Will carrying out that operation negate all savings that you’ve made off of the bill after choosing the right supplier from utilitysavingexpert.com?

Have you ever laid awake at night and worried about any of these types of scenarios?  Well, you’re not alone. Lighting your business’ parking lot used to be fraught with frequent manual maintenance help, unpredictable lighting outages, and frequently blown photocells.  But now, AccessLink™ powered by OutdoorLink is offering a newer technology (remote lighting control) that keeps all these things from happening, and more.

The benefits of using remote lighting control in your college or university, master planned community or parking lot(s)

Remote lighting controls are a relatively new concept in the lighting space.  Up until now, keeping colleges or universities, master planned communities and parking lots lit has been a very laborious and untrustworthy process, having to rely on photocells and manual timers – both of which enable the ability to make simple changes to your lighting without sending someone to every electrical panel and/or photocell ‘region’.  But AccessLink™ powered by OutdoorLink offers a powerful solution to these pains and inconveniences.

Here are a few reasons why a remote lighting control system at your commercial properties, college or university, athletic fields, at your restaurant, our master-planned community will save you time and money.  Eliminate the inconvenience associated with late-night or early-morning trips to deal with pesky photocells and manual timers. AccessLink, powered by OutdoorLink will increase your customer experience and provide you peace of mind with reliability and dependability, with 24/7 in-house support.

Email notifications directly to you when there’s a loss of power or the unit has been tampered with

Don’t you hate it when customers tell YOU about lighting issues? Wouldn’t you rather be alerted automatically when there is an issue? Well, AccessLink™ notifies you instantly when there are power outages.

Scheduling your lights

With a manual timer, a maintenance person has to physically go to each timer throughout a property or properties and make whatever modifications need to be made, manually.  Manually resetting for Daylight Savings Time, when there’s a loss of power for any reason. Manually resetting when the sunrise and sunset times start to vary due to “drift”.  With AccessLink™, each unit is based off its own specific GPS Coordinates, allowing for up to the second Access by your Smartphone, Laptop or Tablet.

Each unit is equipped with the following:

  • A SmartWeather feature which automatically turns lights ON/OFF based on Doppler radar color codes.  This means a sudden thunderstorm that turns the sky black and pours rain will automatically trigger illumination of your lights on the AccessLink system.
  • Exact sunrise and sunset based on GPS coordinates, accounting for daily ‘drift’
  • Automatic adjustment for Daylight Savings Time
  • Anytime remote Access through any device anywhere in the World to edit or change the lighting schedule(s) at any location(s).

All of these features can simply be accessed through any device – smartphone, tablet or computer by logging in to www.outdoorlinkinc.com and at the top right, you’ll see “LOGIN”.

Dramatic reduction in utility cost and excessive maintenance charges

Because these automated changes happen so frequently without notice, you can save on utility costs by reducing your un-necessary burn time.  Each AccessLink Unit is based off its GPS Coordinates and equipped with four zones. This allows you to set schedules, up to 4 schedules per zone, depending on your specific needs.

Ease of Integrating AccessLink with your existing, or new-build, lighting

So, you’re a property management company or master planned community and you have lights all throughout the different areas of your properties.  Some lights have been converted to LED, and you’re unsure if AccessLink can ‘integrate’ with your existing lighting? You also have a mix of 277, 240, 120 watt bulbs throughout the properties, and you wonder if this will be a problem for AccessLink to ‘integrate’?

AccessLink’s Remote Lighting Controller links directly in with your existing (or new build) electrical panel. Then, our licensed electricians or yours on-site, can then ‘zone’ the property by the electrical configuration!  (Example: Parking Lot Lights, Canopy Lights, Menu Boards and Signage Lights). This makes each of your locations operate more efficiently and cohesively. By setting schedules for each of your ‘Zones’ for the when the lights should come ON / or turn OFF. Done!

Remote lighting control at your fingertips, 24-7

You can easily see how a solution such as AccessLink™ can put aside your worries of endangering customers with poor lighting, skyrocketing utility costs, and the reduction of
repetitive maintenance visits.  Whether you are a property management company, a parks & rec-facility, a college or university, a multi-location restaurant franchisee, a car dealership, a country club or a master planned community – once you experience the AccessLink difference you’ll wonder how you ran your operation without us.

Learn More About AccessLink™ powered by OutdoorLink:

AccessLink™ powered by OutdoorLink is the standard in commercial remote lighting control. Stop wasting time and money with outdated photocells and unreliable timers.  Remotely control your exterior lighting by simply touching your phone screen or with a couple of clicks on your tablet or laptop.  Experience the convenience of AccessLink today, Contact us here, or give us a call at (256) 885-9768.