Daylight Savings Time, Time Drift & You…

Were you dreading March 10th, 2019, also known as the beginning of “Daylight Savings Time”?  Do you also, deep down, dread the fact that in 30 days, you’ll have to adjust these timers AGAIN by roughly 1 hour per day due to time drift?  Time Drift naturally occurs once you pass either the Summer or Winter Solstice.  The days start becoming shorter or longer by 1-2 minutes per day. The combination of Time Drift and Daylight Savings Time will keep your maintenance team too busy to do anything else.  What other productive tasks could these individuals be doing besides constantly adjusting your business’ timers for the exterior lighting around the property?  

You and every other maintenance person are in the same boat.   You dread “springing forward”, “falling back” and everything in between because you know you are the designated “fixer” for the timers controlling every exterior light in your company’s portfolio.

What if we told you that AccessLink™ powered by OutdoorLink could change your life?  How you may ask? Simple… AccessLink eliminates the need for those unreliable, pesky, outdated timers and photocells.  With easy integration with your existing or new build properties, AccessLink gives you up to the second real-time access and control.  You control the lights now; they don’t control you. Now, sit back and “Control the Lights and Enjoy the Power”.

Time Drift, Daylight Savings Time and Your Business

When Daylight Savings Time occurred how many man hours were spent addressing it?  

Any time spent was too much time.  With AccessLink™ Daylight Savings Time and Time Drift are no longer a concern.  Each AccessLink Controller is based off its own unique GPS Coordinates, accounting for exact sunrise and sunset times daily known as Time Drift as well as accounting for Daylight Savings Time.  Now, sit back, relax, and “Control the Lights and Enjoy the Power”. Each AccessLink Controller is linked by a cellular network, and boasts 4 (four) separate relays allowing you to ‘zone’ or group your lighting and set schedules for your specific needs.   This gives you optimal control of your exterior lights while also eliminating unnecessary energy consumption and extending the life of your bulbs.

Be Proactive Not Reactive – The AccessLink Advantage:

While your team may not have control of when the time changes or time drift, with AccessLink you can change all of that!  AccessLink by OutdoorLink has staff commercial electricians that will come install the Unit at your properties.  AccessLink will then assist in everything from website walk-throughs to training your staff.  AccessLink offers 24/7 365 days a year in-house local support if you ever need a hand, just call 256-885-9768.  

Learn More About AccessLink™ powered by OutdoorLink:

AccessLink™ powered by OutdoorLink is the standard in commercial remote lighting control. Stop wasting time and money with outdated photocells and unreliable timers. Remotely control your exterior lighting by simply touching your phone screen or with a couple of clicks on your tablet or laptop. Experience the reliability and convenience of AccessLink today. Contact us here, or give us a call at (256) 885-9768.