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Why You Should Be Unhappy with Your Photocell Exterior Lighting and Manual Timer

Are you tired of it being all or nothing when it comes to the commercial photocell lighting of your business? Fortunately, with the lighting technology made available through AccessLink™ powered by OutdoorLink, it doesn’t have to be this way. You can be the one in control of when and what lights go off and on throughout your business.

If you’re ready to take control of your outdoor lighting, Scott Steigerwald, OutdoorLink commercial sales, is ready to hand it to you!

Why Should Businesses Be Unhappy with Photocell Exterior Lighting?

A photocell is a sensor that detects light. Therefore, when the sun goes down and the sky becomes dark, the light will kick on. However, photocells only have a life expectancy of one to two years. Then, when a photocell goes bad, it will stay on during both the day and night.

“If you have ever walked through a parking lot during the day and saw a light still on, then there is a good chance that it is a photocell that has gone bad,” explains Steigerwald. “In addition to the light staying on the entire day, it costs more to replace because it usually has to be outsourced to another company. But, this is not the case when it comes to AccessLink™ powered by OutdoorLink. Our lighting system was set-up to be cost efficient and budget friendly to any business through lower maintenance costs and operating costs.”

Commercial Photocell and Remote Lighting Control


AccessLink™ powered by OutdoorLink allows you to control and schedule your exterior lights from a website or smartphone app. You have up to four zones you can use to control your business, setting each set of exterior lights to its own schedule.

For instance, if you run a fast-food restaurant, you may want to schedule one set of exterior lights to turn on at 5 a.m. when employees begin to arrive for safety, even though your restaurant doesn’t open until 6 a.m. Through our AccessLink™ powered by OutdoorLink, you can turn one zone of exterior lights on at 5 a.m. and schedule another zone to turn the restaurant sign on at 6 a.m. so your customers will know that you’re open.

“One of the best things about our lighting system is that we work off a cellular network. A WiFi network is not needed,” says Steigerwald. “Our SIMM card is more reliable and secure than any WiFi network. Therefore, you can feel safe as a business owner knowing your lighting system is able to be better controlled and cost-efficient all at the same time.”

Are you ready to step into control of your lighting system? Give our team a call today! 

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AccessLink™ powered by OutdoorLink is the standard in commercial remote lighting control. Stop wasting time and money with outdated photocells and unreliable timers. Remotely control your exterior lighting by simply touching your phone screen or with a couple of clicks on your tablet or laptop. Experience the convenience of AccessLink today. Contact us here, or give us a call at (256) 885-9768.