Remote lighting control for car dealerships

Manage Your Car Dealership in a Whole New Light

Regulating expenses is a priority for most businesses. For car dealerships, lighting can be a burdensome energy expense, but it is necessary for security, safety and merchandise display. 

Car dealerships need a lot of light to function effectively. Unlike most retail stores or shopping malls, car dealerships store and showcase the majority of their valuable merchandise outdoors. Plus, most of the shopping is done by customers meandering around expansive parking lots at dusk. Consequently, car dealerships require proper lighting to secure and protect their inventory while maintaining customer safety. Providing lighting that adequately displays the available inventory after the sun goes down is also paramount. 

Because lighting is an expensive but required expense, efficiency is key. AccessLink™ powered by OutdoorLink offers an energy-saving, remote lighting control solution.  

Remotely Control Exterior Lighting

The appearance of your car lot has a big impact on potential customers. Using AccessLink will enhance the appearance of your lot and ensure that your inventory looks its best. AccessLink centralizes all of your properties into one easy-to-use system, which allows you to control up to a hundred properties simultaneously. Likewise, users can customize lot illumination through multiple-zone scheduling, which means you can turn on and off different areas at different times based on your preference. 

Most importantly, AccessLink enables you to remotely control your exterior lighting at the click of a button using the AccessLink app. This feature eliminates the need for inconvenient site visits to turn lights on or off or to update illumination schedules. Likewise, with AccessLink, you will no longer dread daylight savings time and the time spent addressing it. 

Improve Security

The safety of your customers and the security of your merchandise is your priority. Using AccessLink enables you to use efficient and strategic lighting to ensure proper illumination in your car lot. Until now, keeping parking lots lit has been a laborious and untrustworthy process. AccessLink will enhance your customer experience and provide you peace of mind with reliability, dependability and 24/7 in-house support. Say goodbye to late-night or early-morning trips to deal with pesky photocells and manual timers.

Save on Energy Expenses

With a remote lighting control solution, like AccessLink, you can immensely save on energy expenses. In fact, an AccessLink user said, “Since December our dealership has saved between $1,500-$1,900 per month on our utility bills resulting in an average savings of 18% and an ROI of less than 1 year. We are impressed by this high tech system that no longer requires unreliable timers or photocells. The ability to turn lights on gradually and to shut off certain zones late at night has afforded big savings without sacrificing security.”

The automated lighting changes provided by AccessLink enables you to save big on utility costs by reducing unnecessary burn time. Could your car dealership benefit from a remote lighting solution like AccessLink™ powered by OutdoorLink? Learn more about the many ways remote control lighting can enhance your dealership and contact us with any questions. 

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