Making your campus safer

How Colleges and Universities Are Making Their Campuses Safer

College-bound youth, along with their parents, evaluate academic programs, sports teams, and the general feel of the campus before selecting a school. One additional factor that weighs heavily on the minds of parents is campus safety. Colleges and universities that really want to attract the best and brightest prioritize campus safety initiatives.

Campus Safety

There are numerous ways that colleges and universities secure their campuses, but is there more that they could be doing? Let’s take a look at what modern institutions are doing to protect students and faculty.

Campus Security Offices

Nearly every institution of higher learning has a campus security office. The offices are staffed by trained men and women whose purpose is maintaining the safety of the school’s campus. The officers are available 24/7 to respond to calls for help. Often, there are emergency call boxes located around campus that students, staff, and faculty can use to call for help if they need it.

Security officers also patrol the campus and interact with students and staff. The mere presence of security can be a deterrent to crime. It can also increase the general feeling of safety among people on campus.


One of the newest ways that schools are improving campus safety is by using technology to communicate with students and their families. Many schools have alert systems they can use to send texts to students and staff in the event of an emergency. Whether there is a dangerous person on campus or classes are canceled because of weather, alert systems allow schools to pass along important information in real time.

Many universities have created social media accounts that they use in addition to emergency alert systems. This is a great resource for parents who may not have access to text alerts.

Nighttime Safety

Safety on a college campus is particularly important at night. If a student feels unsafe walking alone at night, he or she may be able to contact a campus escort service. Many colleges have trained student volunteers or uniformed community service officers who will walk students back to their dorm, car, or a nearby home at night.

Many colleges have begun offering safe ride services. Depending on the college, the service may be for taking students home after a late-night study session. Other colleges use safe ride services to discourage drunk driving by giving students a free ride home.

Some schools restrict access to dorms and classroom buildings to those who have authorized ID cards. This is an upgrade from traditional metal keys because it allows all campus buildings to be automatically locked after a certain hour, denying access to unauthorized persons.

Campus Lighting

Often, well-lit areas are a deterrent to crime. Whether at a store, a bank, or a college campus, effective lighting can take the bravery right out of a person with ill intentions.

Most people are unaware that technology makes it easier than ever to make sure lights are ON when they are supposed to be to effectively keep areas well lit.  Colleges and Universities choose AccessLink to ensure areas of their campus(es) are safely lit for their students and staff members. Each AccessLink™ Unit uses exact GPS Coordinates to assure lights can be scheduled to come ON at sunset, or before, and OFF at sunrise, or later to ensure that the lights are ON when they need to be to keep the students and staff safe.  

Before AccessLink, Colleges and Universities – and other industries – relied on a mix of Photocells and Timers to control when the lights came ON and went OFF.  Photocells and Timers are extremely inefficient and outdated. Photocells were cutting edge technology circa the age of the pager and Timers were the ‘latest and greatest’ when people were using rotary phones.  We hadn’t even landed on the moon yet! And yet, some campuses still use these antiquated, unreliable devices to still attempt to control the campus lighting.

When thinking of keeping areas safely lit, choosing a campus lighting controller like AccessLink is a seamless integration and an affordable one to make.  If you’re a parent, ask your child’s College or University what they use to ensure your child’s safety.

Campus Safety Made Easy

AccessLink™ is a simple, reliable way for colleges and universities to ensure that their campuses are properly lit.  By utilizing AccessLink, Colleges & Universities now have time to spend on other campus safety initiatives by not worrying about the exterior lighting around campus.

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