Out of Home Advertising Managed the Smart Way


  Join hundreds of OOH advertisers who use SmartLink to manage static billboards, tri-face billboards, digital billboards and solar applications.

Static Billboard Illumination

Monitor LED bulbs to confirm illumination and turn off unsold faces to reduce utility costs.

Digital Rebooting

Reboot displays, media players and routers and reduce in-person site visits.

Tri-Face Billboard Motors

Monitor and control billboard mechanics and LED illumination from one SmartLink controller.

Solar Power Collection

Use SmartLink controllers to collect solar power and return it to the grid for utility discounts.

Still Driving by Your Billboards to Make Sure the Lights are on?

The SmartLink™ Management System (SMS) was created to solve illumination and maintenance issues the Out of Home Advertising industry faced.  Prior to the SMS, customers depended on faulty, unreliable time clocks and photocells, and blindly drove by assets to confirm whether lights were working.  

The SMS allows customers to view and manage an entire market from any desktop or mobile device and generates maintenance reports and usage data so manual labor is only deployed when needed. 

Since investing in one of the newest technologies to impact the outdoor industry, the SmartLink has reduced my utility costs by 50%.”

Jim McIntyre

McIntyre Outdoor Advertising

Features and Benefits  

Manage Multiple Faces

Control, schedule, and monitor multiple faces independently.

Be Notified Instantly

Receive instant notifications of utility outages, bulb faults, failures to draw current, and bad neutrals.

Proof of Performance

View daily proof of performance reports on structural health and monitor multiple schedules.

Automatic Dusk to Dawn

Adjust for sunset/sunrise and daylight savings time automatically.

Reduced Site Visits

Eliminate routine night rides to verify whether billboard illumination is on.

Arrive Prepared

Know the issue before you leave, which reduces needless service calls.

Daily Analytics

Import contract start/end dates, illumination schedules and daily status logs.

Cost Savings

Turn off unsold faces and increase the life of bulbs, ballast, and load centers.

5G Reliability for 24/7 Virtual Proof of Performance

SmartLink controllers operate on an independent 5G cellular connection to confirm that lighting, cameras and accessories are on

This significantly reduces the cost and inconvenience of in-person site visits, and increases uptime.  

“We use SmartLink because it was developed for the Billboard industry by Billboard people.”

Bob Switzer

Lamar Advertising