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SmartLink is a cellular-based monitoring and control system allowing Parks & Rec Departments to remotely manage commercial lighting in real-time. 

Controlling your fields from anywhere in the world

How often are your Parks & Rec managers having to deploy employees to manage assets?  Turning off lights after curfew, resetting timers, trying to set detailed and constantly changing schedules?

The SmartLink™ Management System (SMS) was developed to solve these ongoing maintenance issues, saving your department man hours and electricity spend.  The SMS allows departments to have full control of their lighting systems on fields, walkways, and parking lots from anywhere in the world without having to make site visits to reset schedules, turn off lights or inspect for burn outs.

Hard Curfew

Pre-set a hard curfew based on your city ordinances that cannot be overridden.

Monitor Your Lights

Monitor electricity use remotely so you can know from wattage changes if you have a light burned out.  Cut down on overall site visits and replacement time.

Cellular-Based Troubleshooting

 Users receive alarm notifications so devices can be troubleshooted remotely. 

Dave Ramirez

Dave Ramirez

National Parks & Rec Specialist

With an impressive career spanning over 32 years in the Parks and Recreation field, Dave brings a wealth of experience and expertise. A Certified Parks and Recreation Professional recognized by the National Recreation and Park Association. His most recent role before retirement was as the Athletics Manager at Hillsborough County Parks and Recreation Department (HCPRD) in Tampa, Florida. In this capacity, Dave successfully supervised 55 individual athletic complexes, comprising over 200 sports fields.

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“The SmartLink system has been a tremendous asset to our operations.  Our favorite features are the scheduling option and the curfew feature.  Using SmartLink, we saved over $500k in a 12-month period, covering our cost many times over.  With so many people utilizing our facilities, we can assign different user permission profiles and use the curfew feature to ensure lights aren’t burning when nobody is using them.  SmartLink is a great tool for any Parks and Rec.”

- Hillsborough County Parks & Rec, Tampa, FL

How much can SmartLink save?

A third-party case study done by Hillborough County Parks and Recreation highlighted an average savings of $520,025 in one year.  This was accounting for electrical data only and not including savings in man-hours needed to control lighting in-person prior to the SmartLink upgrades.


Average Cost Savings

 Why Remote Device Management?

Manage Multiple Devices

Control, schedule, and monitor multiple devices independently.

Be Notified Instantly

Receive instant notifications for outages, low power, power restore and more.

Proof of Performance

View daily proof of performance reports on system health & run-times.

Automatic Dusk to Dawn

Devices can run from sunset to sunrise with automatic daylight savings adjustment.

Reduced Site Visits

Eliminate routine site visits rides to verify whether signage or illumination is on.

Arrive Prepared

Know the issue before you leave, which reduces unproductive service calls.

Daily Analytics

Import/Export daily logs for device health, schedule completion, downtime, etc.

Cost Savings

Turn off powered assets when not needed & increase their life expectancy.

Remote Management for Any Application

There is an Outdoorlink controller for any application to manage area lighting, illuminated signage, kiosks and more.  Shop all controllers below or contact us to review your project needs together.

Gas Station Lighting & Signage

Remotely manage security lighting and illuminated signs at gas stations

Sports Field Lighting & Cameras

Schedule lights or illuminated signs to turn off at specific times at sports fields

Airport Kiosks and Displays

Skip the security checks and parking hassle and monitor everything online

Street & Pathway Lighting

Remotely manage solar-powered and AC-powered safety lighting

Car Dealership Lighting & Signage

Dim lighting, turn off lighting or monitor cameras & signs at car dealerships

Mall Kiosks and Displays

Monitor advertising kiosks and LCD displays in real-time with SL-Vantage

Retail Store Lighting & Signage

Make sure your store signage is on when needed and turned off when not

Bank Lighting and Signage

Make sure ATMs are illuminated for safety and signage is on during business

Parks and Recreation Fields

Make sure security lighting and information displays are illuminated