Introducing the “Soft Savings” Series: The SmartLink Savings you may be Overlooking

Nov 4, 2016 | Out of Home Advertising

The obvious benefits of the SmartLink System are utility savings, as well as remote monitoring & control of your exterior lighting. Some of (what we call) the Soft Savings often get overlooked when evaluating the performance and value of the SmartLink System. This is a series, so we will be discussing a few of these “Soft Savings” each week.

The first (and possibly most valuable) on our list of “Soft Savings” is the elimination of NIGHT RIDES. Any billboard owner and operator is familiar with the term “Night Rides” or “Riding the Lights”. This term is used to describe the additional manpower and time spent ensuring that a structure’s lights are burning. The SmartLink System has made this time consuming (and outdated) effort a thing of the past. Billboard owners and operation management can make sure lights are burning from their smartphone or laptop even while sitting at home, spending time with their family. Aside from wasting valuable time that could be used otherwise, the SmartLink System eliminates the additional overhead in paying technicians overtime, as well as the maintenance and gas spent on vehicles.

The next item on our list of “Soft Savings” is the automatic adjustment for Daylight Savings Time. This might seem extremely minor, but don’t overlook this feature just yet. The SmartLink System operates on true Automatic Network time, based on a structure’s GPS coordinates. This enables the system to not only make the time adjustment to thousands of structures twice yearly, it also updates the time daily to eliminate money lost due to time drift. The savings owners will notice here is the elimination of traveling to each structure and HAND TURNING a time clock back or forward an hour for DLST. Once again, eliminating the additional overhead of paying employees over-time, as well as the cost of maintenance and gas spent on company vehicles. Additional savings can be seen with the elimination of time drift as well.

Please stay tuned for more features and benefits on our LONG list of Soft Savings. We will be continuing the “Soft Savings” Series as a regular blog update!