Cloud-Based Management for Lighting, Kiosks & More


Uptime is everything at airports, malls, sports fields and retailers, and Outdoorlink provides the latest technology for digital content verification and remote asset management to ensure your liability is covered. 

How do you know when your field assets are down?  What is your liability?

Many field assets are in hard-to-reach locations or accessible only with tamper proof keys, ladders and more than one person.  Outdoorlink provides a cellular-based solution for troubleshooting field assets from any desktop or mobile device. 

Users receive notifications so downtime can be resolved as quickly as possible before an outage becomes a liability, and reduces unnecessary site visits.

Proof of Performance

Satisfy contract requirements with virtual daily Proof of Performance reporting.

Virtual Content Verification

The SL-Vantage remotely validates digital content on LCD displays.

Cellular-Based Troubleshooting

 Users receive alarm notifications so devices can be troubleshooted remotely. 

“We use Outdoorlink because it helps us to streamline our operations while saving valuable time and money.  The system alerts us right away when an issue occurs, allowing us to respond in a timely manner.  We love it!”

Mike Baietto

Mid-America Advertising

What is your downtime costing your operations?

By offsetting at least 1 site visit per month, Outdoorlink reduces maintenance costs by an average of 72% and adds immeasurable value of convenience and uptime.


Average Cost Savings

Remote Management for Any Application

There is an Outdoorlink controller for any application to manage area lighting, illuminated signage, kiosks and more.  Shop all controllers below or contact us to review your project needs together.

Gas Station Lighting & Signage

Remotely manage security lighting and illuminated signs at gas stations

Sports Field Lighting & Cameras

Schedule lights or illuminated signs to turn off at specific times at sports fields

Airport Kiosks and Displays

Skip the security checks and parking hassle and monitor everything online

Street & Pathway Lighting

Remotely manage solar-powered and AC-powered safety lighting

Car Dealership Lighting & Signage

Dim lighting, turn off lighting or monitor cameras & signs at car dealerships

Mall Kiosks and Displays

Monitor advertising kiosks and LCD displays in real-time with SL-Vantage

Retail Store Lighting & Signage

Make sure your store signage is on when needed and turned off when not

Bank Lighting and Signage

Make sure ATMs are illuminated for safety and signage is on during business

Parks and Recreation Fields

Make sure security lighting and information displays are illuminated

The SL-Vantage Ensures 24/7 Uptime in Real-Time


The SL-Vantage uses a patented technology to validate the content on an LCD display.  This eliminates the need for cameras or in-person site visits to confirm whether digital content is accurate.

In partnership with Samsung, New Tradition, and the Consumer Experience Group, Outdoorlink installed the SL-Vantage into dozens of digital advertising kiosks at Union Station in Washington D.C. (see image).

“This display technology gives advertisers a bright canvas and provides up to the minute safety information to visitors.”

SmartLink Vantage Remote Device Monitoring and Control by Outdoorlink at Union Station DC with Samsung Digital Kiosks Consumer Group and

 Why Remote Device Management?

Manage Multiple Devices

Control, schedule, and monitor multiple devices independently.

Be Notified Instantly

Receive instant notifications for outages, low power, power restore and more.

Proof of Performance

View daily proof of performance reports on system health & run-times.

Automatic Dusk to Dawn

Devices can run from sunset to sunrise with automatic daylight savings adjustment.

Reduced Site Visits

Eliminate routine site visits rides to verify whether signage or illumination is on.

Arrive Prepared

Know the issue before you leave, which reduces unproductive service calls.

Daily Analytics

Import/Export daily logs for device health, schedule completion, downtime, etc.

Cost Savings

Turn off powered assets when not needed & increase their life expectancy.