After working with OutdoorLink for almost one year now, I can tell you they are a very professional organization, and they stand by their work.  It has been a pleasure to work with their Project Manager, Richard Payne, who manages the install crews without missing a step.  I would recommend Outdoorlink to anyone in the market without hesitation.”

Gregory J Lance


Licensed and Insured Installation Experts

Outdoorlink Services, Inc. has installed thousands of SmartLink units globally through its in-house team and network of licensed and insured subcontractors.  The Services Division is led by two in-house Operations Managers who manage the planning, implementation, and quality control for all installations.

The team has over 14 years of expertise in successful project management, efficient planning and performing the highest quality workmanship possible.  The team is comprised of 15 two-man crews that are outfitted with bucket trucks and all necessary equipment for each project.  

The Services Division is versatile in its capabilities, but specializes in installing SmartLink controllers, LED fixtures, ladder safety systems, digital amenities, solar packages, and related accessories. 

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