The Best Hacker Prevention?

Jan 13, 2020 | Commercial, News, Out of Home Advertising

Insider posted an article in October 2019 about a digital sign that was hacked on I-75 North  in Auburn Hills MI and showed an adult video for 20 minutes to the public.

Maybe the best way to deter hackers is to make known there are consequences to their actions.  Insider gives a shout out to the Auburn Hills police who have recently charged two teenagers for breaking into the shed under the billboard along I-75 and hacking the video unit that feeds the signage. A Daily News article notes that a 16-year-old boy was blamed for posting the pornographic material. He can avoid charges by attending a program for juvenile offenders, according to the report. His 18-year-old accomplice was charged with trespassing in November, according to cops. An earlier report said the suspects could have been given up to 90-days in jail and a $500 fine.

At the time of our October article, Insider provided some tips for being hacked which are worth providing again:

  1.  Secure your structures.  SmartLink makes an outstanding intruder detection system which can deter hackers.  Fences, locks and security cameras are critical.  Here are some tips from a 2015 OAAA presentation on digital security.
  2.  Take your router off the internet and use a Virtual Private Network.
  3.  Use strong passwords so hackers can’t get into the computers which program your boards.
  4.  Have a crisis plan.  Know who to contact 24/7 in case of a hack and have a plan for regaining control of the billboard.  Develop a relationship with local law enforcement officials because they’ll probably be called first.

Remote site locations are targets for vandalism.  Basic deterrents can be implemented to minimize your exposure to disruptions of service:

  • Fence the perimeter of the base
  • Ladder climb deterrents
  • Security system signage
  • Security cameras
  • Alarm systems (contact closures on control cabinets, infrared motion break detectors
  • Use systems with remote management – easily controlled from a NOC or authorized agent (i.e. SmartLink by Outdoorlink)

Read the original article from Billboard Insider here.