Transit Amenities Riders Can Count On

Ridership safety is a priority for all transit agencies and SmartLink ensures that lighting and signage is functioning when needed most. 

Still Doing Drive-bys to Check on Your Bus Stop Amenities?

Many transit amenities are in hard-to-reach locations, accessible only with tamper resistant keys, or scattered across town at hundreds of locations.

SmartLink provides an immediate online view of all assets and confirms whether they’re working.  Alarms are sent in real-time to notify users of outages and provides a quick way to reboot hardware from a desktop or mobile device. 

This offsets the need for traveling to and from bus stops to know whether assets are working properly and gets ahead of outages before riders are aware of the issue. 

Increased Uptime and Safety

SmartLink’s Proof of Performance Report confirms whether devices are on when scheduled to ensure safety at all times.

Fewer Customer Complaints

SmartLink notifications help resolve issues as quickly as possible before transit riders are aware of the issue.

Reduced Maintenance Labor

SmartLink can reduce maintenance costs by 60-80% by offsetting in-person site visits with cloud-based monitoring and control.

“SmartLink provides us with a very fast method of remotely rebooting our digital communications devices as needed under various scenarios. This greatly reduces the number of trips we have to make to our display locations and greatly increases display up-time.”

Eric Johnson

Clear Channel Outdoor

How Do You Know If Your Solar Amenities are Working?

SmartLink provides Power Readings and Proof of Performance reporting to confirm system health. When solar power is limited, settings can be changed to dim lights, reduce scheduled run-times, or prioritize specific devices over others.

SmartLink Remote Monitoring and Control Transit Image Smaller
SmartLink Remote Monitoring and Control Transit Image Smaller Red

And How Do You Know When They’re Not?

When solar amenities go offline, the first concern is power.  SmartLink confirms this remotely and eliminates the need for an in-person site visit.   

When power isn’t the issue, SmartLink can remotely reboot displays and routers, which often resolves the issue in minutes.   

SmartLink is Now Available on the MBTA CALACT Co-Op Purchasing Contract

SmartLink can be purchased directly through the MBTA / CALACT 21-01 Contract, which has set pricing for the next 3 years. See pages 31-33 of the below catalog. 

Complementary options include solar powered security lighting, advertising panels, real-time e-paper and LED displays, bus stop shelters, benches & trash receptacles. 

For questions or for pricing, please email and reference the product name listed in the catalog.

Transit Project Example

Long Beach Transit | Long Beach, CA

The Challenge

Long Beach Transit (LBT) separately procured solar powered lighting from Urban Solar and real-time e-paper displays from Papercast.  Urban Solar knew they needed a way to optimie solar power management between their security lighting and the real-time signs, and chose to integrate the SmartLink SL-2-DC controller into its solar power package.  Even for a location like Long Beach, CA, solar locations vary greatly due to urban shading, and Urban Solar needed a way to remotely made adjsutments to each package’s settings as needed. 

The Solution

Long Beach Transit, Urban Solar, and Papercast, all have access to the SmartLink portal to remotely monitor and make adjustments to the performance of the solar package, LED lighting, and e-paper displays.  The lights can be dimmed when battery voltage gets low, run-time schedules can be changed, and the e-paper displays can be rebooted if they go offline.  When battery voltage gets low, Urban Solar uses SmartLink’s priority settings to keep the real-time signs running and turn off the LED lighting until voltage returns to a healthier level. 


Reduced Site Visits


Faster Troubleshooting


Increased Device Uptime

Features and Benefits  

Manage Multiple Devices

Control, schedule, and monitor multiple devices independently.

Be Notified Instantly

Receive instant notifications of utility outages, low power, power restore and more.

Proof of Performance

View daily proof of performance reports on system health & run-times.

Automatic Dusk to Dawn

Devices can run from sunset to sunrise with automatic daylight savings adjustment.

Reduced Site Visits

Eliminate routine site visits rides to verify whether signage or illumination is on.

Arrive Prepared

Know the issue before you leave, which reduces unproductive service calls.

Daily Analytics

Import/Export daily logs for device health, schedule completion, downtime, etc.

Cost Savings

Turn off powered assets when not needed & increase their life expectancy.

“We are enjoying relief from the many setbacks associated with primitive mechanical timers. The ability to track and even diagnose our illuminated market remotely from anywhere is an incredible time and cost saving solution.”

Jeremy Lucas

Lind Media