SmartLink Management Software


SmartLink controllers communicate through an independent cellular connection that allows for 24/7 remote monitoring and control.  Review the SMS highlights below or contact us to schedule a live demo (256) 885-9768 ext. 3.

Manage Assets from Any Desktop or Mobile Device

 SmartLink provides remote access to Installers, Managers and Vendors to monitor, view, and modify assets from anywhere. This provides virtual Proof of Performance and allows for collective troubleshooting without requiring an in-person site visit.  


Alarm Notifications

SMS sends email notifications to alert customers of low power, no power, offline status and more.

Data Analytics

SMS provides graphs and reports for Power Readings, Schedule Completion and Proof of Performance.

Instant Rebooting

Reboot digital displays, routers and media players remotely to offset the cost and time of an in-person site visit.

Open API for Systems Integration

  SmartLink can be integrated into third-party databases to consolidate systems and streamline work-flow processes. Below is an overview of how SmartLink collects data from assets and passes it onto a third-party portal.   

Flexible Scheduling Options per Each Relay

SmartLink controllers allow multiple devices to operate on independent schedules.

Schedules can be assigned to specific days of the week and lighting can be dimmed within specific time frames.

Remotely changing schedules is easy and immmediate, which can be vital in keeping solar powered assets running. 

Instantly Rule Out Power Issues

SmartLink confirms incoming voltage and outgoing consumption per relay which offsets the need for a site visit to confirm whether power is an issue.

Organize Assets from the Map View or List View

SmartLink provides a consolidated platform for managing assets from a mix of vendors. Users can quickly see the location of all assets and get Google Map directions from the latitude and longitude of each SmartLink controller.      

SmartLink Portal Map View

"“SmartLink sends us instant notifications of electrical issues, which allows us to respond immediately. We're able to fix our electrical issues before our clients notice the issue which leads to better overall customer satisfaction for our clients.”

– Chris Zukin, Meadow Outdoor