Solar Powered Bus Shelters with Real-Time E-Paper Signs and Lighting (Detroit, MI)

Aug 24, 2021

Suburban Mobility Authority for Regional Transportation

2019 | Detroit, MI

The Challenge

Brasco International was the bus stop shelter manufacturer for the SMART Detroit contract to supply solar powered shelters with a variety of amenities.  These included solar powered digital real-time e-paper signs from Connectpoint Digital, LED signage illumination, USB charging ports, and security LED lighting.  Powering all devices from one solar source had its challenges, especially when solar conditions range so greatly in Detroit from the summer to winter months.  Brasco needed a way to remotely manage multiple solar devices, and help SMART know when the devices were not working.    

The Solution

Brasco integrated the SmartLink SL-4-AC  into its solar package battery box to manage the solar powered lighting and amenties at each shelter.  This allowed for the ligthing and other devices to be separately schedueld, controlled and rebooted as needed.  Through this integration, all suppliers were able to separate themselves from each other’s issues and SMART could resolve downtime quickly and troubleshoot issues faster.  This greatly reduced SMART’s in-person site visits, which were costly and time consuming but also inconenient during bad weather.  


Reduced Site Visits


Downtime Reduction


Maintenance Savings

Remotely Confirm Lights Are On

SMART and its shelter supplier, Brasco International, can use the SmartLink portal to confirm whether solar lighting is on when scheduled to ensure riders feel safe while waiting for the bus.


Instant Outage Notifications

SMART receives instant alarm notificaitons when lights are out or devices stop working.  SmartLink immediately alerts them to problematic locations and reduces unnecessary site visits at healthy locations. 

Multiple Supplier Separation

With two suppliers of the amenities at each location, it was important to determine the responsible party when issues occured.  SmartLink separately monitors each component, which speeds up troubleshooting and holds the right party accountable.

SMART Bus Detroit Solar Bus Stop Shelters with Real Time Signs and SmartLink Monitoring

Project Gallery

  • Reduced Maintenance and Operations 60% 60%
  • Reduced Customer Complaints 25% 25%
  • Reduced Site Visits 68% 68%
  • Reduced Downtime 40% 40%

Value Shared Throughout the Organization

SmartLink has helped SMART reduce their bottom-line costs by offsetting labor costs, but the system has also reduced site visits, complaints and device downtime.