Pole Mounted Solar Lighting and Real-Time E-Paper Signs (Long Beach, CA)

Aug 25, 2021

Long Beach Transit Solar Powered Bus Stop Amenities

2020 | Long Beach, CA

The Challenge

Long Beach Transit (LBT) separately procured solar powered lighting from Urban Solar and real-time e-paper displays from Papercast.  Urban Solar knew they needed a way to optimie solar power management between their security lighting and the real-time signs, and chose to integrate the SmartLink SL-2-DC controller into its solar power package.  Even for a location like Long Beach, CA, solar locations vary greatly due to urban shading, and Urban Solar needed a way to remotely made adjsutments to each package’s settings as needed. 

The Solution

Long Beach Transit, Urban Solar, and Papercast, all have access to the SmartLink portal to remotely monitor and make adjustments to the performance of the solar package, LED lighting, and e-paper displays.  The lights can be dimmed when battery voltage gets low, run-time schedules can be changed, and the e-paper displays can be rebooted if they go offline.  When battery voltage gets low, Urban Solar uses SmartLink’s priority settings to keep the real-time signs running and turn off the LED lighting until voltage returns to a healthier level. 


Reduced Site Visits


Optimized Performance


Increased Device Uptime

Remotely Confirm Lights and Displays Are On

LBT and its solar lighting supplier, Urban Solar, can use the SmartLink portal to confirm whether solar lighting is on, to ensure riders feel safe while waiting for the bus.


Instant Outage Notifications & Rebooting

LBT receives instant notifications when lights or the real-time displays stop working.  SmartLink alerts LBT and its suppliers to problematic locations and reduces unnecessary site visits at healthy locations.

Multiple Supplier Separation

With two suppliers of the amenities at each location, it was important to determine the responsible party when issues arose.  SmartLink separately controls the lights and displays, which speeds up troubleshooting and holds the right party accountable.

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