Stott Outdoor Adds SmartLink to Over 800 Billboard Faces (Chico, CA)

Aug 26, 2021

Stott Outdoor Advertising

2019 | Chico, CA

“The Controllers are a Game Changer for Us.”

Stott Outdoor Advertising serves a vast geographic region. Our Out of Home Advertising Displays appear from Palm Springs to the Oregon border and from the California coast as far east as Winnemucca Nevada. A consistent challenge created by operating in this large footprint is monitoring the state of our inventory. The state of the structure and the condition of the advertiser’s message are quite stable, and we are fortunate to have the watchful eyes of sub-contractors, sales staff, construction and maintenance personnel, and real estate representatives as they regularly travel the area. However, problems do arise, and the more quickly we are aware of these issues, the faster we can resolve them.

Recently, we implemented a new tool that allows us to dramatically improve our ability to monitor the lighting on our OOHA displays. Over the past several months we have installed SmartLink lighting controllers by Outdoorlink of Huntsville, Alabama on all of our more than 800 display faces.  By connecting to the controllers via a cellular signal we receive immediate feedback about the lighting on each face.  We can change the hours of illumination, turn off the lights on an unrented display and receive rapid notification if a lighting problem is detected.  These controllers are a game-changer for us. Should a display lose power, be tampered with, or have a bulb burn out we are now the first to know within minutes of the problem occurring. This development is exciting.

The days of receiving a call from an advertiser alerting us to a lighting problem which occurred between our periodic light rides are behind us. Many thanks to Dwight Jennings and his innovative team at Outdoorlink for their contribution to our industry. Stott Outdoor is very appreciative of your product and service as it improves our ability to provide excellent service to our advertisers near and far. 

– Jim Moravec, Stott Outdoor